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About company

Klermin is a technologically advanced infrastructure company specializing in cryptocurrency mining. Our main activity is to provide the user with professional services of hosting mining equipment with the ability to choose the cryptocurrency and get a daily profit of 1% to 3%.

Klermin platform is equipped with the latest specialized equipment based on integrated circuits, specifically designed to mine cryptocurrencies at extremely high speeds.

Klermin aims to provide the private consumer with the world's most advanced mining equipment and service 24/7, with the highest level of service in the field. Together with our skilled and experienced team, as well as strategic customers and partnerships we are driving a new standard for the mining ecosystem and data center infrastructure facilities.

Dogecoin - USD
Zcash - USD
Litecoin - USD
BitcoinCash - USD
Tron - USD
Stellar - USD
Dash - USD
Bitcoin - USD
Ethereum - USD
Ripple - USD